Adventures in Flat Pack Furniture

At the minute my Mum is moving house, which means that given summer boredom is starting to set in (reminding me I really need to get a job) I’ve spent a great deal of time helping out, now mostly this just includes moving boxes about but today we were assembling flat pack furniture.

I’m not gonna lie, I love putting up flat pack furniture (I mean I have to fulfill some stereotypes at least). There’s just something so satisfying about putting together something that you’re actually gonna use and seeing go from a pile of boards and nails to something that actually looks kinda like a desk, or a wardrobe, or a bookcase. Today’s project was a wardrobe, which took way longer than anticipated, in fact it was still only half way completed when we gave up around tea time. Though in all honesty managing to attach several pieces in the wrong way round and occasionally managing to put the wrong screws in the wrong holes probably didn’t help.

In fairness most of my day was actually spent getting in the way when I wasn’t needed, not being there when I was needed and fetching cups of tea and snacks for everyone and at one point my Mum did manage to convince both me and my uncle that we were putting the door handles on upside down, despite them being the same both ways round. It was still a fun afternoon and I’m actually kinda looking forward to the next opportunity for putting flat pack furniture together.

Sophie x


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