I feeel like, given that it’s the end of the year and that I haven’t written one of these since August, that a new blog post is long overdue. Given that it’s December 31st I feel almost obliged to write some sort of cheesy reflective post about the year I’ve had, so here goes.

2015 has certainly been a very interestingyear to say the least, it’s had it’s up and it’s downs like most years do and all togther I don’t think it’s been too bad a year. I think this year has mostly been about learning and about discovery, I feel like I’ve learnt a lot and in particular I’ve learnt a lot about myself. I’ve started to learn to accept myself as I am and to do things just because I want to do them and I  because I enjoy doing those things. I’ve met many interesting people this year and many people who have taught me things, even if it was unintentional, the group of friends I have around me are not the same as I started this year with, though not because I’ve lost any friendships, rather that I have gained several over these past few months.

I didn’t make any resolutions at the start of 2015, at least if I did make any I can’t remember what they were so I have no clue if I actually stuck to them or not. This year however I think I am actually going to make a few resolutions, these are:

  1. Put more effort into my Uni work, at least if I want to actually pass my degree
  2. Update my blogs more often, which shouldn’t be too hard so long as I write something at least once a month
  3. Do more things that I enjoy, because life is far too short to waste it on doing things that aren’t fun
  4. Focus on myself more, because sometime I try way too hard for others and forget to look after myself

It shouldn’t be too hard to stick to these, which is pretty much why I made them, plus numbers two and three are pretty much related, I do things I enjoy and then I write about it.

This feels like the sort of point where I should write about my feelings towards the new year. Honestly? I have no clue what’s gonna happen next year and at the minute I’m working on taking life as it comes, so I have a few plans here and there but nothing particularly concrete. For now I’m heading into the new year cautiously optimistic and hopefully it’ll stay this way. Happy new year from me and for everyone who’s partying tonight, have a good one.

Sophie x


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