An Interesting Start to 2016

To say that my start to 2016 was interesting would be a bit of an understatement I feel. I don’t feel like I’ve entered 2016, I feel like I’ve crashed into it like a hurricane with pieces flying everywhere and leaving a trail of destruction in my wake.

January was a pretty intense month, full of ups and downs, stress, getting drunk and just generally screwing things up, kind of as I, and probably most other students, do. There were exams and assignments and countless hours spent inside of the library and that sudden realisation of exactly how hellish 3rd year could actually be. However despite the hellish amount of uni work and a complete lack of motivation, January wasn’t actually too bad overall. I still managed to find some time to let my hair down and have fun and also did okay in my assignments and exams.

It’s fair to say I entered January on high, a fairly intense yet short-lived high but a high nonetheless. I started 2016 incredibly optimistic about the year ahead but by the second week of January that optimism had faded quite considerably and reality decided to slap me in the face once more. The middle of January found me in a very confused and turbulent place and I felt almost like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place with my own happiness at stake. It seemed no matter which way I turned I ran the risk of getting hurt.

Luckily for me life has a weird way of working itself out and for the first time ever in my life, and quite possibly the last as well, I found myself actually kinda grateful for alcohol. Though as general life advice, as a rule drinking large amount of alcohol tends to be a pretty bad idea. As a result this time however, the last few weeks of January were actually pretty damn decent, especially once I had completed all of my assignments.

February has been fairly incredible so far to be perfectly honestly, even taking into consideration the stress of dissertations, deadlines, and decisions about the future. Right now I’m pretty optimistic about how this year is gonna turn out. It’s looking like it could be an adventure, a new chapter in my story and an exciting one at that. So for now, as they say, watch this space.

Sophie x


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