A Decent Ending to a Stressful Week

This past week has certainly been a stressful one to say the least. In-between Uni presentations, sorting out where I’m gonna live next year, and a general lack of sleep, I found myself snapping at pretty much everyone.

The week started with two days of presentations for my course, which for me was pretty terrifying, especially since the event was worth 50% of my grade for that module. Admittedly they were group presentations and each group only had to present for 20 minutes and then answer questions, but to stand up and present to course mates on a topic even I wasn’t 100% comfortable with was pretty scary. Plus I had to wear proper formal business attire which I doubt I’ll ever feel fully comfortable in, however that’s a whole other issue. Luckily my group went third meaning that we didn’t have that pressure of being first and once we were done we could relax at least,  the hard bit was out of the way.

However the stress of those first two days and the fact that it had completely thrown my regular routine completely out of the window meant that the rest of the week was completely thrown off as well. I ended up completely forgetting about a house viewing I’d arranged for Wednesday morning. It was definitely an “Oh shit!” moment when the letting agents rang me to see where I was and I was still sat in my pyjamas eating breakfast. Wednesday also meant having a meeting with my dissertation supervisor which was both daunting and motivational at the same time.

My second “Oh shit!” moment of the week that was infinitely worse than the first was managing to completely forget my Dad’s birthday. To make matters worse I didn’t even remember of my own accord, Facebook had to remind me. I think that is easily the lowest point in managing to forget a parent’s birthday. Admittedly, one year both me and my brother managed to forget to get my Mum anything for her birthday, though in our (rather weak) defence it is right after Christmas.

However by Friday my week had begun to look up drastically. I started off the day with the rearranged house viewing and both me and my friend agreed that we both liked this one, despite it being slightly further out from the Uni. I also got my marks back from my presentation I had done on Monday and was incredibly pleased to find out I had scraped a first. Saturday was the ultimate lazy day, staying in bed all morning followed by a late brunch and then a trip to an art gallery which makes me sound way more cultured than I actually am. Altogether this weekend more than made up for the terrible week I had and now it’s time to start the next week with a positive outlook.

Sophie x


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