Dissertation, Deadlines & Da Vinci

For the past few months I have pretty much dropped off of the face of the Earth. In between my dissertation, exams, and other things I ended up holed up in the library or my room studying hard and stressing about third year.

The biggest piece of work and perhaps the most stressful was my dissertation; 10’000 words was certainly a daunting task. However whilst daunting and stressful I actually enjoyed a lot of it, I found the research part very interesting and at times I had to keep myself from going off on tangents. As interesting as looking into the impact of supermarkets on the agricultural industry is it really wasn’t that big a portion of my dissertation. Despite enjoying it I was incredibly relieved once I had handed it in and now I have the results back I’m even more relieved as it was somehow good enough to earn a 2:1, which I’m still amazed by.

To celebrate the handing in of my dissertation I took a trip to a Da Vinci exhibit at a local art gallery with my girlfriend (and also went out for the typical student celebration of a drink or six). I have to admit that my girlfriend is definitely way more into art than I am, I enjoyed the exhibit but she absolutely loved it. The exhibition consisted of ten of Da Vinci’s sketches from his sketchbooks. The sketches were truly incredible and what was even more incredible was how well preserved they were, especially given that they were around 500 years old.

From handing in my dissertation it was straight on to another assignment and two exams then a break followed by yet another exam and I was finished. Third year done. University complete. To be honest my girlfriend was truly amazing during my exams, she had already finished and supported me the whole way through, making me coffee, food, helping me revise, making sure I got a good night’s sleep before my exams, and keeping me calm when I started stressing too much. It must have done something as I managed to get a 2:1 overall on my degree, doing better than I’d managed the previous year.

Though speaking of my girlfriend, after my exams were done we started on getting ready for her going back to the US, which mostly consisted of us spending as much time together and then spending about three days panicking to sort everything in her flat out and mostly moving all of the stuff left in her flat to mine. So if anyone wants any coffee, tea, flour, or pasta I have an absolute ton right now. I helped my girlfriend to surprise her mum completely, who believed that she was coming home three days later than she actually was. There were certainly plenty of tears in airports on both sides of the Atlantic on the day she went home.

Now my summer has started, I’ve been accepted onto my masters, and all I have to focus on is trying to find a part time job and filling in some forms so now I have more time to write to my heart’s content, thank god. Hopefully there’ll be another post soon,

Sophie x


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