#6. What’s the Most Expensive Thing You Own? What Was It Like to Buy It?

The most expensive thing that I own isn’t something that I’ve bought myself. It was given to me as a gift, and it’s a necklace with my father’s ashes in it. In fact, I think all the expensive things that I own are things that were given to me as a gift. Partly because I … More #6. What’s the Most Expensive Thing You Own? What Was It Like to Buy It?

#3. Comfort

Comfort is curling up in your favourite spot on the sofa with a warm drink when it’s rainy and cold outside. Comfort is the familiar embrace of your own bed after a long day. Comfort is getting lost in your favourite book, the one with the dog-eared pages and the well-worn spine. Or getting lost … More #3. Comfort

Why Are We Waiting

The UK mental health system kinda sucks. It doesn’t completely suck, because at least we actually have one, so we’re doing better than some places at least. But from what I’ve experienced the one we do have is, like the rest of the NHS, is under-funded and over-subscribed. I’ve had a long history with various … More Why Are We Waiting

Who Run the World

I’m not gonna lie, this post is pretty much just gonna be around 1000 words on why women are awesome. If you’re not down for that, fight me. (Please don’t actually fight me, cause I’m kind of a wimp.) This week was International Women’s Day, and Mother’s Day, so pretty much 80% of my social … More Who Run the World