#13. Your Favourite Book

I hate questions that ask you about favourite things. Mostly because I can never pick just one favourite, and partly because something that is my favourite at one point in my life may not be my favourite at a different point in my life. For example, bacon. As a kid I hated bacon, could not stand it. Now it’s one of my absolute favourite foods.

Anyway, getting way off topic. I’ve always loved reading , and there’s loads of books that I love. And I bet if you asked any of my friends what my favourite book was I bet they’d say the Harry Potter books. I mean, I do love Harry Potter, they’re not wrong. But it’s not my favourite book series. That title would go to the Jean M. Auel series ‘Earth’s Children’.

I’ve always been obsessed with the way society and the world was thousands and thousands of years ago, in particular back in the days when humans were hunter gatherers. The Earth’s Children series is set way back when early humans and Neanderthals co-existed, and follows the life a woman named Ayla.

I love this series, partly because there’s so much (admittedly speculative) history about life and society back then, but also because the main character is a strong, independent woman. A woman who knows her own mind, and isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo of society, even if it ends up costing her a great deal. She breaks rules, and challenges the idea that a woman isn’t capable of doing the same things as a man. She’s determined, she’s fierce, and she’s a survivor.

Seems like I have a thing for strong woman who survive against all odds. Huh, who knew?


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