#15. What You Ate For Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At least that’s what the health experts tell us. Unfortunately, I often forget to eat breakfast, usually because I’m such a disorganised mess in the morning and would rather have an extra 20 minutes in bed than worry about eating.

This morning however, I had no work and no plans, so I decided to make myself a coked breakfast. Or at least, an attempt at a cooked breakfast. I’ve always been fussy with breakfast foods, and I’m weird about the textures of the stuff I eat. That means no mushrooms or grilled tomato for me. I did however have baked beans and scrambled eggs (fried eggs are something I’m working on, I had bad experiences with slimy ones as a child and so I put off eating them for years).

I would have liked bacon, except we didn’t have any in. Probably because I’ve eaten it all. Bacon is something else I had bad experiences with as a child, but since I’ve started cooking for myself I’ve discovered how to cook it to my own exacting specifications. I wanted sausages as well as, or instead of, the bacon, except the sausages we had in the fridge were a few days out of date and I don’t trust pork, and the ones that were already cooked were truly disgusting after I reheated them in the microwave. Note to self: don’t reheat sausages in the microwave.

I did however find some in-date black pudding in the fridge, so that was grilled and added to my plate. So, breakfast today: baked beans, scrambled eggs, black pudding. Oh, and toast. With plenty of butter. Because there were no hash browns. I feel like there’s a theme appearing here.

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