#18. Honesty

Honest. It’s something we’re told to be as children isn’t it? ‘Don’t tell lies.’ Children are very very good at being honest, even if what they say may not necessarily be kind. They say things as they see the world, and often repeat things that they’ve heard from their parents, even if their parents wish they wouldn’t. I remember as a child calling a family friend by his nickname everyone called him, not realising that people called him that behind his back and not to his face.

As we get older we get taught that perhaps sometimes being honest isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes we have to bend the truth slightly to be kind. When your friend asks you if their awful new haircut looks good, do you be honest and hurt their feelings or do you tell a little white lie and say it looks good? Or is their perhaps some middle ground you can find, where you can tell the truth and still be kind at the same time.

I think sometimes we lie to make ourselves look better. I mean how often have we stretched the truth a little bit, phrased something in a certain way to make ourselves look better. I think that’s just a part of human nature, especially when we live in an age when we spend so much of our lives online, trying to get people to notice us, to give us attention. Maybe every once in a while we should try and be a little


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