#19. How The Other Half Lives

Okay, so this is very late tonight, because I am a disorganised mess who decided to have a last minute social life. Ooops. 

How the other half lives. For me that sentence conjures up ideas of complete polar opposites, the extremely poor and the extremely rich. I don’t consider myself as either of those two things, I have never been very poor, but I also have never been very rich either, always just somewhere in the middle. Therefore, for me there are probably two “other halves.”

I think almost everyone wants to be richer than they are. I know for a fact I’ve never thought “Oh I wish I had a bit less money.” In fact, sometimes when I’m bored I’ll go onto one of the online property selling sites and then set the price from high to low just to have a look at some of the truly stunning properties for sale. I’d like to think that if I could have a house with 8 bedrooms, a triple garage, a swimming pool, a cinema room, a wine cellar, and a home spa them I’d never have to work and would be able to spend my time enjoying the house.

Then I wonder what I’d actually do to spend my time. And then I know full well I’d buy a horse or ten and keep them at home in the stables I’d definitely be able to afford to have built, with a beautiful indoor school, and plenty of hacking around the grounds the house would definitely have. I’d spend all my days riding horses and writing posts for my blog. I’d probably still work with young people as a volunteer as well. I think with a life that I would never get bored, and I’d never be dissatisfied.

I don’t think anyone even thinks about having less money than they do. I think perhaps because sometimes imagining how the poorest members of our society try to survive makes us very uncomfortable. I know full well that I couldn’t even begin to imagine having to work 40+ hours a week just to try to make ends meet. To have to rely on food banks, and other handouts just to survive. I think it tends to be very much, out of sight out of mind. Maybe it shouldn’t be like that. Maybe if we all thought a little bit more about how the other half lives, we’d be able to form some kind of positive change in society.


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