#21. Waiting

Waiting. It seems like we do a lot of it doesn’t it? We wait for buses, for trains, for taxis, for planes. We’re taught from a very young age how to wait; ‘wait your turn,’ ‘wait until Christmas,’ ‘wait until your father gets home.’ The thing about waiting is that you’re expecting something to happen at the end of it.

You wait for a bus to turn up (and then three show up at once). You wait for a friend to arrive. You wait for your food to cook You wait for news. That anticipation of something happening afterwards is what makes waiting such a challenge. And for some reason the more we want something, the worse the waiting actually seems to be. Have you ever seen a new parent awaiting the news of their baby’s safe arrival into the world? Or a family desperately awaiting news about a sick family member? Or friends waiting to here from someone they love who has been caught up in a shooting, or a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack?

Waiting for something when you know the outcome is hard. Waiting for news when you have very little information is one of the hardest things to go through. The human brain is very good at running through every little ‘what if?’ scenario and jumping to every conclusion. Waiting is one of the hardest things we do.


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