#25. Why Do You Like Those Shoes

I don’t just like those shoes, I love those shoes. Those shoes are my absolute favourite pair of shoes and I’m going to be gutted when they do finally wear out. I bought them on sale at the kids section of H&M.

They’re a pair of grey high tops with orange on the inside, and they’re possibly the comfiest pair of shoes I’ve ever worn. They’re also good because they have velcro tops and elastic laces, so they look grown up enough, but they’re easy for my dyspraxic hands to deal with. No faffy laces!

I also like the fact that they’re grey, it means they go with just about everything that I own. Especially because I pretty much live in blacks, greys, and blues. In fact they’re pretty much the only colours in my wardrobe.

I love those shoes. Maybe I should start looking for a replacement pair?


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