#36. Another Drunken Episode

Really, she thought, she should have expected the night to devolve into something somewhat questionable. Her two best friends were terrible influences. Despite the fact they were all nearly 30, whenever they all went drinking together they all regressed to how they were in their university days.

The night had started sensibly enough. They’d shared a bottle of wine over meal at one of the girl’s flats, before catching up with their favourite T.V. show. Then somehow one bottle had turned into two, and they’d created a drinking game to go along with the T.V. show they were watching, which had quickly transitioned into simply getting as drunk as possible as quickly as possible.

By the time they were all more than a little tipsy they’d decided to go out to a local club. It was at that point the night all sort of became a messy blur. Somewhere along the lines they’d acquired a giant inflatable penis, and it was that that all three were currently trying to make their way home on, with it acting like some kind of bizarre adult hobby horse.

She could almost feel the amount of regret shew was going to have when this hangover hit in the morning, but at the moment she was having far too much fun to care.


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