#37. What Did You Dream About Last Night?

I love dreams. They completely fascinate me, and I’m slightly obsessed with what they all mean. I have a few that tend to recur over and over again, and usually they’re not particularly pleasant.

One that I’ve had fairly regularly is one where my teeth fall out. Usually they start off wobbly and then they just crumble and fall out. Those types of dreams I wake up from running my tongue along my teeth, counting them, to check that they’re all still there. One common interpretation on that dream is that you’re avoiding something or worrying about something, which with me is possibly quite likely.

There’s another one I have a lot, which is always a different setting, but the theme is always the same. I’m part of some kind of resistance group fighting against a corrupt government, or more accurately trying to hide from them and evade capture. More often than not I’m trying to protect kids, save them from whatever is going on. I actually don’t have any idea about the meaning of those ones, but they tend to happen when I’m stressed.

Last night’s dream was different. It was one of those dreams that I have every now and again that are good dreams. I had a girlfriend, she was amazing, and we were happy. It’s weird I can’t actually remember what she looked like, I can remember some of the more insignificant things, height, hair colour. I know she had a little brother and homophobic parents.

What I can remember are the feelings, the emotions, the thoughts. I remember how I felt in the dream, all that loved up mushy shit. In fact, the feelings left me feeling on a loved up sappy high all day, which was kind of great and kind of shit at the same time. While the emotions were fun, having nowhere to direct them kind of sucked.

I think maybe I should lay of the sappy fan fiction before bed. Or maybe I should keep reading it, especially if it leads to happy, loved up dreams, that make the day after just a little bit brighter.


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