#39. A Road To Hell Paved With Good Intentions

This was not the way she intended this night to go. She was going straight to Hell, especially if her conservative relatives were to be believed. Maybe she was already there. Then again if Hell felt this good then maybe it was worth it.

She hadn’t set out to end her night like this, it had all started rather innocently. She’d gone out with her friends for someone’s birthday and they’d ended up in a bar on the south side of town.

It started with a hello, and a drink. She’d felt sorry for the woman sat alone at the bar, so when she went to get a drink she decided to strike up a conversation, and when the other woman had finished her drink she’d bought them both one.

She’d found out that the other woman had been stood up by a date, so she invited her to come and dance with her friends. It hadn’t taken much convincing, just a simple “Well, if you’ve put in all this effort to look this good it’d be a shame to let it go to waste.”

She’d spent the evening dancing with the other woman, trying to make her feel as included as possible in her ragtag group of friends. When they’d ended up outside in the smoking area she had given the other woman her jacket to stay warm.

By the time they went back inside something had shifted and the two of them continued to gravitate towards each other until they were dancing with barely a breath between their bodies. In the back of her mind she’d vaguely heard her Aunt’s voice in her head insisting she left some room for Jesus. She’d shut it up with a tequila shot.

They’d agreed to share a taxi back, because they lived on the same side of town, and when the other woman realised she’d left her keys at home and would be locked out until her roommate returned from work in the morning, she’d invited her to stay the night in her flat.

Somehow a late-night cup of tea had turned into soft touches, which quickly led into more passionate kisses. Somehow they’d ended up in her bedroom, clothes having been shed hurriedly on the way to bed. Now she lay fully sated and completely naked, with another woman equally sated and naked next to her.

Oh she was definitely going to Hell, she thought, but it was more than worth it.


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