#41. Write About Something You Know Absolutely Nothing About. Make All Of It Up


Avionics is the study of flight and aeroplanes. It’s a very difficult field to get into. It requires someone with an eye for detail, good critical thinking, and strong problem solving abilities. There is also a lot of complex work involving small machinery parts that requires a great deal of fine motor control.

To get into avionics you must have a strong academic record. Good results at GCSE and A-Level are a must, usually along with at least an undergraduate degree in a relevant field. There is a lot of complex maths involved in avionics, so this level of education is important.

It’s all the more important when you realise that if you’ve ever flown in an aeroplane you have been relying on the skills of someone within avionics. Being responsible for this many lives is a very high pressure situation, and requires someone with of strong mental character.

The payoff for this high pressure career is the salary. It’s currently one of the highest paying careers in the U.K. and is one of the strongest leaders of equal pay. It has one of the smallest gender pay gaps, and a high number of women in top level positions.

It’s a fantastic field to get into, and one that is highly rewarding.

P.S. Thank you to my cousin for giving me this subject


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