#46. Your First Fight

I’ve never really been the type of person to get into fights, in fact I tend to avoid confrontation at all costs. I’m so bad that hearing other people arguing and yelling, even if it’s not at me, stresses me out to the point where if I can I’ll go and hide. I can’t even watch Big Brother because there’s too much arguing.

However, when I went to university I decided to take up Karate, fulfilling one of my childhood dreams. Karate was amazing and I loved it so much, actually I keep meaning to start up again but adult life is hectic. We used to spar regularly, but part way through my first year I got to take part in my first organised fight.

It was amazing, I got my arse completely well and truly kicked, but I enjoyed it all the same. You get on the mats and your world just melts away until all you’re focussing on is yourself, your opponent, and the referee. It’s two minutes of intense physical activity, and it is exhausting. It’s also a major adrenaline rush.

I always find it funny how I’m so non-violent in real life, and yet I get on that mat and I’m fighting to win. I’m giving it everything I’ve got, trying to land the best punches and kicks. I enjoy the fighting, and even if I lose they’re always a great training opportunity, everyone fights so differently and when you train against the same people all the time you can get stale.

So my first fight I lost, but it also taught me to get back up and try again.


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