#49. The Greatness Of Sandwiches

Honestly sandwiches are one of my absolute favourite foods. They’re awesome. I think one of the best things about them is that they’re just so versatile. There’s so many different types. You go to the sandwich section of any supermarket and there’s so many to choose from.

You can have hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, sweet sandwiches, savoury sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, lunchtime sandwiches, tea time sandwiches. You can have your simple cheese sandwich, your fancy cucumber sandwiches, your nostalgic jam sandwiches. And the best of them all, the chocolate spread sandwich.

There’s sandwiches for every mood and occasion. Almost every party you go to will have a selection of sandwiches, usually cut into little triangles which somehow makes them taste that much better. Christmas day is followed by a week of putting the leftovers into sandwiches.

Sandwiches really are great.


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