#53. What’s The Worst Nightmare You Remember?

I have two nightmares that I’d consider the worst I remember. One of them I don’t actually remember much of, but I know that they killed my mum in it by making her jump off a cliff. It was a weird and very strange dream, but that’s the only bit of it I can recall.

The second dream I can remember in a lot more detail, even though it’s a dream I had when I was probably only around 8. In the dream I’m in my grandparent’s house and I’m looking for something, I’m not entirely sure what, but I know that I was looking for something. However, every where I look, in the cupboards, under the stairs, in the fridge, there are dead bodies, or bits of dead bodies.

It was a very vivid and gory dream that left me traumatised for quite a while afterwards. However, I think the dream itself was actually caused by accidentally catching a bit of some crime show where a dead body was being kept in a freezer. I think my little child brain was just trying to process what I’d seen.


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