Dear Dad (Please Don’t Laugh)

Dear Dad,

So, I’ve done something, something that’s either very bold or very stupid, I haven’t quite decided yet. You have to promise me that you won’t laugh when I tell you, though I’m sure you will anyway. If I wasn’t the one actually doing it, I’d be laughing at myself as well.

I’ve signed up to run 10 miles in October. Part of the Yorkshire Run in York.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to finish laughing. You good? You done? Can I continue? Okay. Let me tell you exactly why I’ve decided to do something that’s so foolhardy, and so very unlike me. I decided I wanted to raise money for charity. For two specific charities in fact; The Stroke Association, and The Dyspraxia Foundation.

Both of these charities mean a lot to me, as you’ll know. The whole reason I fundraise for The Stroke Association is because of you, because of what you went through, and by extension all of us, and how much they helped you. Have I ever told you how touched I was when members of your Stroke group came to your funeral and spoke to me, told me how much you loved me and my brother and how proud you were of us? These people had never met us, but they knew all about us from everything you’d told them.

And the Dyspraxia Foundation? I’m fundraising for them because this year is their 30th Anniversary, and they do a lot of work raising awareness of dyspraxia and providing support to people who have dyspraxia. People like me. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was nearly 20, and this was partly due to the fact that so few people actually know about dyspraxia, especially when compared to its better-known cousin, dyslexia.

I knew something wasn’t right for most of my life, but it wasn’t until mum came across the “Dyspraxia in Adults” information and basically said “now don’t be offended, but this is exactly you.” I wasn’t offended, I was relieved, it was like being handed the missing piece of a puzzle and it meant I could get an official diagnosis and the help that I needed.

So, why am I running 10 miles? I mean you know as well as I do that running isn’t exactly my forte. In fact, I absolutely suck at it, and I look funny when I do try and run (as I’ve been told many a time), I can’t help that. It’s the Dyspraxia. But hey, it’ll give everyone a laugh on the day, right?

But the fact that I suck at it? The fact that I’m going to find this so difficult is exactly why I’m doing it. I wanted to do something that was a challenge, to do something that was far out of my comfort zone. I wanted my own personal mountain to climb.

I could have done an abseil, or a zip-line, those would have been a challenge sure, but I’d have also found them fun. It’s not really something that scares me. But this? I’m pushing myself to my limits to raise money for causes that I care about.

I never did make life easy, did I?


P.S. If you want to donate to me, you can do it here:


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