#67. The Richest You’ve Ever Been

If I’m being honest, the richest I’ve ever been is probably right about now. Or more accurately, about a month ago, before I spent quite a bit of my money on a load of stuff. Some of it was needed, however some of it was definitely just impulse buys.

Being at this point has come from a few different places, firstly at my old job I was working as much overtime as possible to try earn some more money. I’ve now switched jobs, and my new job not only feels a better fit for who I am as a person, but also has the added bonus of a much better salary.

Thirdly, and definitely the biggest reason I’m currently the richest I’ve ever been is that I recently came into some money. A payment from my Dad’s pension due to his early death. A bit of a “look, you’ve lost a parent and that’s shit, but here’s some money so hopefully that helps a bit.”

That money doesn’t make his death hurt any less, doesn’t make it any easier to deal with, and I’d give all the money I have ten times over to have him back and alive and I’d do it in a heartbeat. But it does mean that I can do some stuff that I’d have only dreamed of before, it means there’s one less uncertainty in my near future.

Some of that money I’ve specifically put aside for doing thins that I enjoy, for taking my own little break, for treating myself and doing things for me. It might not be the wisest decision, it might not even be a decision other people are with, but after the last two years I’ve had I think I deserve to enjoy life for a little while.


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