A Week In Barcelona – Day 3

Day 3 was another “mini road-trip” day, and possibly my most favourite day of the entire trip. We went all the way out to a little town called Girona and then along to a beach town called Tossa de Mar afterwards.DSCF0670

Girona is an absolutely beautiful city, in fact it’s so beautiful that they filmed several parts of Game of Thrones there. Knowing that I was a fan of the T.V. show my friend printed out a list of all the locations they had used in the city and a map, so we could go on a self-guided tour.

DSCF0700We stuck mainly to the old part of the town as that was where all the locations they had used in filming took place. We did however go briefly into the new town as there was an ice cream shop that sold ice lollies in the shape of Jamie Lannister’s golden hand, and as we were there it felt like we almost had to do it.

There were quite a few different locations that we got to see. We managed to see the steps that Arya is attacked by the Waif in Braavos, and we also got to see the stage where she watches the street performer she’s been sent to assassinate. However, the stage was actually in use for some sort of music festival that was being held in the town that day.

DSCF0749We also got to see the cathedral that was used to make up parts of King’s Landing, which is possibly most notable for Jamie Lannister’s dramatic entrance up them in season 6. We decided not to retrace his footsteps as there were a lot of steps (91 to be precise), and it was a very hot day and we were already far too hot. We did settle for a cold drink in the shade at the base of the steps though.

If you’re a fan of the show itself, or you just like some really cool historical architecture then Girona is definitely well worth a visit, but you have to be prepared for a lot of walking. I’d definitely suggest going on a cooler day as there’s a lot of steps and some very steep hills.

After spending some time in Girona, we drove along to Tossa de Mar, a little coastal town. The beach there was absolutely beautiful, if a little rocky. The water was clear, there were no waves, and the beach dropped away quickly, making it perfect for swimming in. Even if when we went I was the only person bold (or stupid) enough to actually get in the water.


It’s definitely a town you can spend a full day in. The town had the ruins of a castle, which if we’d had more time we’d have gone to explore a bit more than what we did, but unfortunately, I had a train to catch. The view from the top was pretty spectacular though.DSCF0764



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