La Famille Really Does Describe Itself

This weekend I was in Paris at a convention for The 100 (I know, another one, but in my defence my next one isn’t for another 9 months). Right now, I’m still processing everything that happened and trying to adequately describe the experience, though I don’t think anything I say will do it justice. It never does.

After my last convention one of the guests that was there did an interview where they said something along the lines of how they didn’t think anything could top the previous convention they’d done, but then there next one had gone and done that. I relate to that so much, I’ve just completed convention number 4 and every time I think that they can’t get better than the previous one and they always do.

This convention was slightly different to other conventions I’ve been to, as rather than a full weekend it was only one day, and it was also a lot smaller. I have to admit that I do prefer the smaller conventions (she says having never actually been to a truly big convention). Smaller conventions feel more intimate, more personal, more raw, more fun. They also feel a bit more chilled out (though I’m not sure the staff would agree with me on that one).

The name of this convention was La Famille Reunion, which translates pretty much to “The Family Reunion,” which I’m fairly sure is an inside joke from one of the previous conventions, but it also describes it perfectly. It really did feel like a family reunion, minus the half dozen screaming little kids and that one creepy uncle everyone avoids (thank god). Everyone is excited to see each other, to see the cast, to see their friends. To reunite. And even if you’ve never been before you’ll quickly find a place in the family.

For a lot of us that go to conventions the only time we actually get to see each other face to face is at these events, add into that the excitement of seeing your favourite cast members and it quickly becomes a whirlwind of fantastic emotions. There’s so much damn love and acceptance given out at these conventions and I think it’s one of the most magical things about them.

I’ve only been to one convention that wasn’t specifically for The 100, and whilst it was a great convention and I had a fantastic time, it was definitely slightly different. I know other’s have said it, and from the few conventions I’ve been to, I completely agree. The 100 cast are something special. They truly are. They have so much time and love to give for all their fans. They also give some fantastic advice.

For me at least, it kind of feels like they’re all that cool older sibling. They know how to have a laugh and a joke, but they’ve also had more experience at life, and while they never pretend they have all the answers, they do give a lot of solid life advice out. They watch us grow as people, and they’re so damn proud of our achievements.

They love us and we love them. Without them being them, I don’t think these conventions would be half as damn good. They’re special. They’re weird. They’re occasionally a little bit dysfunctional (in the very best kind of way).

They’re family.


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