Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

“I’m bored.” is a phrase mostly uttered by children and dreaded by parents everywhere. It’s also one that I have a tendency to use a lot. I have issues with just sitting still and I get distracted ridiculously easily. It makes sitting down to binge watch the latest box set a total pain in the neck, mostly because I get distracted by my phone, miss half of the important plot lines, and end up totally confused. Oops.

I also love to learn things. I’m like a sponge, just wanting to absorb it all. There’s nothing that interests me more than learning new stuff about a topic I’ve previously had no knowledge about. Give me new stuff to learn and I’m like a kid at Christmas. It’s amazing. I want to find out how things work, what makes things react certain ways, how to do different things.

There’s so much about the world to learn, and never enough time to do it in. I learn a new skill, get bored and then try another one. One of my favourite things at the moment is finding new skills that I can do whilst I watch TV. Something that keeps my hands occupied enough so that I don’t feel the constant need to fidget, but that leaves enough of my brain free so that I can focus on my TV show.

I’ve had a couple of different ones recently, which helps for when I get bored of one thing I can switch back to another. One of my big ones is cross stitch, it’s something that I did as a child and loved, and one evening, whilst complaining of boredom after I’d moved back home, I attempted a little kit that my mum gave me. I loved it and found it easy enough to keep me occupied whilst still being able to watch TV. I have smaller projects that I like when I need something to complete quickly, and a much bigger project I’ve been working on for over a year that I’m hoping will be worth it once it’s complete.

Recently I’ve started doing origami. It’s another one of those things that keeps me occupied enough so I’m not bored but doesn’t take up so much focus that I can’t focus on the TV. Being able to create something beautiful out of a flat piece of paper is incredibly satisfying. It helps I can either try perfect one design, or I can move on to other ones, plus usually they only take around 10-15 minutes to complete. Perfect for someone like me who gets frustrated when I don’t see results right away.

If I’m ever in one of those moods where I just can’t decide what I want to watch on TV I have a tendency to bake. Currently my recipe of choice is scones, but I also have a soft spot for marble cake and chocolate brownies. Baking is great fun, plus (as long as I don’t mess up somewhere), I should end up with something delicious to eat. Though I’m not sure that it’s such a good thing for my waistline, especially not when I’m supposed to be training for a run.

I like to create things, but something that I realised the other day is that I very rarely keep the things I’ve created. Whenever I make something, be it cross stitch, origami, or even food I usually end up giving it to someone else. There’s something nice about making people happy by giving them something that I’ve created that in turn makes me happy.

Sophie x


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