Writing When The Words Don’t Work

I’ve already missed two weeks of my blog in a row and I really need to actually get back in to my writing again. I was doing so well for my blog so far this year as well. One of the biggest issues I’ve had for my blog recently is a pretty bad case of writer’s block. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about, it’s just that every time I’ve put pen to paper the words just haven’t worked.

My blog book is currently filled with posts that have only got one or two paragraphs written before I’ve got frustrated that the words haven’t been flowing right and abandoned the post to ‘come back to later’. The only problem with that is that recently later hasn’t been happening. Or I’ve ended up restarting completely only to end up in the same situation yet again.

To add insult to injury I have so much that I actually do want to write about, from letters to my Dad, about how I’m just like him, to something about the 10 miles I ran the other week. Discussions about politics, the government, and representation in the newest series of Doctor Who. Anecdotes about my disastrous attempts at dating, which are both funny and slightly painful to bear witness to.

I can write the posts out, map them and plan them out in my head whilst I’m walking around. But as soon as I put pen to paper it’s as though all the thoughts go right out of my head, flying away faster than the little birds in my garden when the jackdaws appear. I end up staring at a blank page, or worse writing line after line, only to scribble them straight out because the words just aren’t flowing right. It’s one of the most frustrating things ever, especially when I’ve had so much inspiration recently.

Another thing that hasn’t helped me out is a lack of time. I’m currently in the process of moving house, and whilst I love my new place there’s also a ridiculous amount of stuff to do, The house is still half decorated and even less organised, so at the moment I feel like all I’m doing when I’m not at work is moving stuff from place to place and doing a seemingly endless amount of cleaning. And it never seems to get any better.

It’s also ridiculous just how much time everyday chores seem to take up. Even just making dinner seems to turn in to some kind of mammoth task. Tonight is a prime example, I got home from work, started cooking at around 7:30, expecting to be finished cooking by 8:30 at a push, only to still be cooking at almost 9:30. There’s still washing up and some organising to do before I can even think about going to bed. And somewhere in there I still have to write a blog post.

This post right now, I have to admit, is a lot less about content and a lot more about just trying to get some words on to the paper. Getting something out there, getting words on paper, getting something completed. Hopefully doing this will help kickstart my creativity and I can get back in to the swing of writing again.

Sophie x


One thought on “Writing When The Words Don’t Work

  1. You got something out there! That’s actually fantastic considering all the change and transition in your life right now. It’s ok to post a paragraph if that’s as much as your pen will write. Keep going!


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