An Advent Of Writing – Day 1

Today I had a plan for my blog, I had it half written out within my notebook, and was prepared to type it up when I got home from work. Until I opened my rucksack on the train to realise that I’d left my notebook and my pen at work. I didn’t have the blog post that I wanted to write, and I didn’t want to restart the post again. I had to come up with an idea and quick.And then my mind jumped to the advent calendar in my cupboard, still unopened on the second day of advent.

I’ve been meaning to start writing more consistently anyway, so I came up with an idea. I can write a blog post for every day of advent, starting today (given that I’ve missed the first one, I’m going to try get two out. I make no promises though). Once I’ve written a blog and posted it I can open my advent calendar for that day and eat the chocolate. It doesn’t matter how long or how short the blog post is just so long as something gets posted, and there doesn’t have to be a theme but it would be nice if they could all follow some sort of christmas theme.

I’m relying on my desire for chocolate being greater than my ability to procrastinate. However given that I spent four years as a student and I want to go back and do a further three? I’m not so sure that’ll work. Procrastination is an art that all students manage to master by the end of their first year of uni, if not the first term. Plus I have a tendency to not eat chocolate for weeks on end and then binge eat an entire selection box.

Speaking of selection boxes, I still have a couple left over from last year. Maybe I should work on eating them before Christmas rolls around again and I end up with another dozen or so of them.

Sophie x



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