An Advent Of Writing – Day 4

The Perfect Present.

It was three days before christmas and she was starting to get stressed. She had managed to buy all her presents, they were all wrapped and had been given to the relevant people. Well all except one. The one that in her mind was the most important one of all. She still hadn’t managed to buy a present for her girlfriend.

It wasn’t due to any lack of planning on her part. She’d know what she wanted to buy for months, however actually finding what she was looking for was proving to be a lot harder than she had originally anticipated. Normally it wouldn’t be such a big deal, she’d just buy something else instead, something easier to execute, but it was her first christmas with her girlfriend and she wanted everything to be perfect.

Currently she was in the the third shopping centre she’d visited in as many days and she was starting to lose any hope of finding what she was looking for. She’d lost count of the number of shops she’d been in and she was about to give up. She’d been in garden centres, christmas shops, department stores, even the occasional toy shop. Anywhere that it looked  like it might sell what she wanted but so far she’d been unsuccessful.

It was on her fourth lap of the shopping centre when she spotted, out of the corner of her eye, a shop that she hadn’t seen before. In between two large stores with flashy, bright, distracting window displays, tucked away in the corner was a little antiques store. She was at that point of desperation where she felt like she had nothing left to lose, and so she went in. It was a very typical antique store with low lighting, cluttered aisles, and things piled everywhere. There was even an old fashioned bell over the door that jingled when she walked in.

She walked around the shop once, looking carefully at everything, and not seeing what she wanted. It was just as she was about to leave the store when something tucked away in the far corner caught her eye. Nestled between an old rocking chair and a coffee table piled with an assortment of collectibles was a stuffed moose, christmas wreath adorning its neck. She stared at in shock for a second, still not quite able to believe that after months of frantic searching she had finally managed to find exactly what it was she had been searching for.

To most people a stuffed moose as a christmas present would seem strange, but it was part of an inside joke between herself and her girlfriend, one which she knew her girlfriend would appreciate. Before she could start to overthink everything she had bought it and was driving home from the shopping centre, recently acquired stuffed moose, christmas wreath still around its neck.


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