An Advent Of Writing – Day 10


Socks are amazing. I love socks. However, as a child socks are the worst Christmas gift you can get. They’re boring, and dull, and no one likes socks. Getting new pairs of socks in your stocking was always a disappointment. How can you get excited about socks when all you really wanted were new toys, gadgets, books, games. Socks just seem so dull in comparison. It’s not even like a new shirt or jumper that you can show off to everyone, no one ever really sees your socks. Well unless you wear them with sandals and that’s just not cool.

As you get older though you start to appreciate socks more and more, and before long you find yourself longing for socks in your stocking. See the thing with socks is that you can never have enough of them. Well okay, maybe you can, but I’ve found as an adult that I seem to go through socks faster than anything else. They always seem to get holes in them almost as soon as you start wearing them, and finding good quality socks is often easier said than done. I must have spent a ridiculous amount of money just on socks this year, especially on the black ones that I wear for work.

I’ve definitely worn socks for far longer than is probably considered a reasonable length of time, especially if they’re some of my favourite pairs (on an unrelated note, if anyone wants to get me any socks with raccoons on for Christmas I will be eternally grateful). One thing that I don’t understand though is getting Christmas patterned socks on Christmas day, because most of the time you wear them for a day and then they get forgotten in the back of your sock drawer until the following December. Well, unless you’re like me who wears Christmas socks all year round.

One thing that I can’t handle though is odd socks. I can handle wearing Christmas socks in June, that’s absolutely fine. But I cannot cope with odd socks. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. I can’t even wear two different styles of black socks I’m that bad. I would rather wear dirty socks than odd ones (gross I know). Some people I know purposely wear odd socks, and sometimes even wear odd socks just because they know it makes me uncomfortable. It’s why I like to make sure that I always have plenty of pairs of socks.

So this year socks will definitely be on my Christmas list. Just gotta hope that Santa brings me some.



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