An Advent Of Writing – Day 12

Christmas Songs.

Christmas music is one of those things that people tend to either love or hate. Usually the people that hate it are the people who have spent any sort of time in retail around the Christmas period, where they play non stop Christmas carols since November. If you hear the same song enough times, no matter how much you may have loved it to start with, you begin to hate it with every fibre of your being.

Jenny was one of those people that absolutely hated Christmas songs. Four years of working in a shopping centre whilst she was university had left its mark on her, and one of the things it had given her was a hatred of Christmas music, and the holiday season as a whole. Unfortunately for her, her current girlfriend adored Christmas, all the lights, the decorations, the movies. And the music.

They’d reached a compromise on the Christmas music. Which was not really a compromise at all, it was mostly Jenny giving in to all of her girlfriends whims and wishes, because in all honesty she would do anything for her girlfriend when she asked her with that smile of hers. She couldn’t complain though, someone once told her “happy wife, happy life,” and it had stuck with her. She’d always tried to do her best to keep her girlfriend happy, so long as it didn’t harm her or go against any of her major morals in the first place.

Right now she was trying to focus on finishing a bit of work that she was trying to complete by Christmas, part of a bigger project her team was working on. However, all she could focus on right now was the noise of Christmas music coming from the living room just the other side of the door. Letting out a groan she saved her work and shut down her computer, she knew she’d get no more done tonight. Standing up she stretched and felt her spine pop and crack satisfyingly.

She padded over to the study door and quietly opened it, trying not to disturb her girlfriend. She lent against the door frame, observing the scene in front of her. The tree was in the corner of the living room, lit up with lights and tinsel. In one of the other corners was an old record player, currently being used to play slightly scratchy Christmas songs with. Laid down in front of the fireplace was their dog they’d recently adopted.

And in the centre of the room, was the woman who had completely captivated her attention. She was dancing by herself, eyes shut, lost in the music, a soft smile on her face. Jenny watched her for a little while, enjoying the sight of her girlfriend clearly enjoying herself uninterrupted. After a few minutes of watching quietly she stepped in to the room, taking her girlfriend into her arms and dancing with her.

In that moment she decided that maybe she could start to love Christmas songs again, so long as she always got to enjoy them with the woman she loved.



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