Am I Really Doing This Again?

It’s the first weekend in January which means that my social media feeds are full of people sharing their New Year’s resolutions, and I was going to write a blog post about how I don’t really like the idea of giving things up. However, I did that last year and if I’m honest there are quite a few things resolutions that I’d like to make this year. So instead I decided that I was going to look back on the resolutions I made last year and if I actually stuck to it.

It started with me finding the blog post that I wrote at a similar point last year where I spoke about my resolutions. This one right here. The first resolution I made was to write my blog every single Sunday. It’s the only one that I remember making and for the most part it’s one that I’ve stuck to. There were a few weeks towards the end of the year where it got a bit disorganised because I got busy with stuff and life started getting in the way. This year I’m going to aim for at least one a week, and if possible I’d like to build it to two or three a week. Everyday is too much, but I like the challenge of writing more.

The second one was to work on myself as a person and to stop repeating the same cycles of behaviour that I was in. Now that one was interesting. It’s something that I’m not sure if I actually achieved at all. I know that emotionally I’m a lot more stable than I was, but I also still had moments where I would repeat some of my behaviour patterns. I think the difference at that point was that I was a lot more aware of what I was doing and was a lot more emotionally in control. I knew the consequences of my actions on my own mental health and wellbeing.

What interested me most about that blog post however was just how negative it was. It’s obvious to me that I wasn’t in a good place at all when I wrote it. I was a bit of a wreck and hitting a lot of self-destruct buttons. Actually “a bit of a wreck” might be a bit of understatement. I was an absolute train wreck, six car pile-up of a person back then. I have definitely gotten a lot better. I’m a lot more stable, a lot more confident in myself, and just generally a better person.

I can’t fault all that I went through last year. As cheesy as it may sound, it’s definitely turned me into a better person, a stronger person. I’m happy with who I am right now and where I’m headed. There are still areas that I want to improve, and those have formed my resolutions for this year. They’re nothing major, just little changes that I want to make that will hopefully make my life a little easier, save me some money, and, because it’s something that I care about, help the environment a little.

So at the end of over 500 words of “filler” I’m finally getting to the important part of this blog post. My resolutions for this year. They go a little like this:


  • To write my blog every Sunday (and Thursday if I can manage it)
  • To manage my money a little bit more carefully
  • To reduce the amount of food I waste
  • To reduce the amount of packaging and single use plastics I use
  • To be a little bit more organised


All of them link in to each other, if I plan what I’m going to eat in a week, buy exactly what I need, and then actually use it all then I save money, reduce food waste, and hopefully I can reduce my plastic waste alongside it as well. I’m not trying for miracles, I know that organisation is a big thing I struggle with, and if I’m honest I’m kind of lazy and I enjoy my sleep too much. I’m hoping for baby steps.

imageOne thing that may help is the really awesome “Space Dino’s” travel mug I got for Christmas that I can’t wait to use for my coffees every morning. Here’s to an awesome 2019.


Sophie x



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