This Was So Much Easier When I Was Lonely

Last year I got very very good at writing my blog every single week, though admittedly it did tail off towards the end of the year. This year, finding the time and motivation to actually sit down and write my blog has become much much harder. Take this week for example, I’m a day late with writing my blog, which I guess is better than no blog at all so I’m counting that as a mini win. Though I will admit that being on holiday from work has made my days all messed up and I did think that today was Sunday and not Monday.

However, my scatterbrained tendencies aside, I have been finding blog writing a lot more challenging at the minute and I haven’t exactly been sure why. I was slightly worried that it was because my mental health was slipping again, but honestly on that side of things I’ve been doing great recently so I figured it was unlikely to be that. In fact, things are going pretty well for me at the minute.

I have a steady job, I have a place (provisionally) at the university that I want to go to for the course I want to do, I have some good groups of friends around me who I’m managing to see on a fairly regular basis (well, as regularly as adult life allows), my love life is pretty damn awesome, I see my loan horse regularly, and my house and garden are slowly taking shape (still). The only thing not going so well are my driving lessons, but I’m working on changing that.

And then I worked out exactly why I was struggling to write as often as I used to. I’m busy. Like really busy, or at least it feels that way. My to do list doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller, and sometimes writing a blog ends up being bumped off the high priority list, especially when a lot of the other things on my list would be what I consider as “adult responsibilities.” Aka, those things that we really wish we didn’t have to spend time doing but that we know we have to do, like cleaning the kitchen, or bathroom.

I’m also extremely conscious of the tone of my blog on my Sunday posts, especially when a lot of the inspiration and interests that I want to write about at the moment are heavily focussed on the environment and climate change. Not bad things to be writing about, but also not things that people want to be reading week in, week out (though if people do want to read my thoughts about the environment every week I’m trying to organise myself to write about it on alternating Thursday).

It doesn’t help that I’m spending a lot more of my free time being social, spending time with friends and loved ones rather than just being on my own. This is great in some ways, but it also means that I’m spending a lot less time on my own with my own thoughts. And even when I am on my own I’m using social media to keep up with some very cute pups, which is something i’m really enjoying, but that’s not really getting any blogs written. Being busy keeps my brain focussed on fun stuff, but it doesn’t help me to think and focus on writing my blogs.

Maybe I need to try make some time once a week to just be alone with my thoughts, no distractions or social media. Just me, preferably wandering around with no real direction. I’ve found that that tends to be when all my best blog ideas happen.





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