I Think I’m Supposed To Write Something Here

Words. That’s what’s supposed to go here right? Thoughts from my brain entered onto paper. Well, screen in this case. I had thoughts the other day, things I wanted to talk about. Happy thoughts, good thoughts. Well, kind of at least. Less miserable than the previous weeks at least. Unfortunately my emotions and brain decided not to work like that.

Right now my brain feels almost empty. Like there’s just a little monkey riding around on a unicycle and clapping some cymbals in there, like the one from the Simpsons. Though I think even that is a bit much of an exaggeration about how much activity is going on in there. Mostly it’s just completely numb, with little except for impressions of emotions going on in there at the minute. Focusing is hard. In fact the most I’ve managed to focus recently is when I drove the car to my aunt and uncle’s house earlier.

So for now I’m going to leave this here. Quit while I’m ahead and all that. I guess like everything in my life right now, little and often is going to be the key, until I can function properly once more and this fog lifts.

Sophie x


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