I didn’t realise how infrequently I’d been writing, or how bad my memory gaps had become, until I realised this post was about to follow close on the heels to a post also about change. Or at least a change in personality. I shouldn’t be too surprised really. There’s a lot of big changes going … More Change


Do you ever feel like your own personality is stuck in a state of flux? Like you’re not sure exactly who you are? Like who you thought you were feels like it no longer exists? Because that’s how I feel right about now. I feel like who I am, who I was, who I thought … More Metamorphosis

I Think I’m Supposed To Write Something Here

Words. That’s what’s supposed to go here right? Thoughts from my brain entered onto paper. Well, screen in this case. I had thoughts the other day, things I wanted to talk about. Happy thoughts, good thoughts. Well, kind of at least. Less miserable than the previous weeks at least. Unfortunately my emotions and brain decided … More I Think I’m Supposed To Write Something Here