Procrastination and Perfectionism

I haven’t written anything in my blog for months, partly through a lack of inspiration, partly through being incredible busy, and partly just down to who I am as a person. More recently I’ve had plenty of inspiration and time to write but I’ve still been putting it off, finding other things to do instead. … More Procrastination and Perfectionism



Do you ever feel like your own personality is stuck in a state of flux? Like you’re not sure exactly who you are? Like who you thought you were feels like it no longer exists? Because that’s how I feel right about now. I feel like who I am, who I was, who I thought … More Metamorphosis

Why Are We Waiting

The UK mental health system kinda sucks. It doesn’t completely suck, because at least we actually have one, so we’re doing better than some places at least. But from what I’ve experienced the one we do have is, like the rest of the NHS, is under-funded and over-subscribed. I’ve had a long history with various … More Why Are We Waiting