#65. Friendship

Friendship is one of the most fundamental aspects of human nature. It’s also one of the most complex. We’re encouraged from infancy to make friends wherever we go, but despite the fact we have so much encouragement making friends isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it feels damn near impossible. There are whole articles, books, … More #65. Friendship

#42. An Interlude

This isn’t a prompt. In fact this isn’t even an attempt at a prompt. At the moment I’m not in any fit state to write any of my prompts. You see, I’ve lost my pen. Until this day, I never knew the lengths I would go to for a pen, but I’ve pulled up furniture, … More #42. An Interlude

Living with Dyspraxia

When I was 19 I was officially diagnosed with dyspraxia, a lesser known cousin of dyslexia. I should probably start by trying to explain what exactly dyspraxia is. Officially it’s a developmental disorder that affects movement and coordination, however it’s slightly more than that. If you go to The Dyspraxia Foundation there’s a whole list of symptoms, … More Living with Dyspraxia