#59. Your Favourite Video Game

I’ve always loved video games, ever since I was a little kid. My earliest memories of videos games is of playing some kind of dinosaur game with my dad, on a console I can’t remember the name of (though it may have been a Nintendo 64), when I was about 5. I was never any good, but I always had fun.

As I got older my love of computer games only grew. I managed to win an original Xbox from some competition the library held, and as we already had one in the household, this one was all mine. I had a couple of games on it that really stand out to me as being my favourites at that time in my life, The Sims 2 and Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup.

I remember being devastated the day my little brother accidentally overwrote all my saved data on the Quidditch World Cup game as I’d spent ages collecting loads of the cards. I don’t thing I ever got that good again, but I still have the console and the game, so I might dig them out and play them again.

I also had a Nintendo Wii, which again was one I managed to win in a competition. I remember being obsessed with the sports game, and a horse game I had. I never really had many games for that, mostly because it was a faff to set up, and not too long after my dad bought and Xbox 360.

That was one of my all time favourite consoles, and had some of my favourite games on it; Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Fable, and Lego Star Wars. In fact, I loved that console so much I took it with me when I first went to university, however then my little brother commandeered it for a while. Maybe when I move in to my new house I might claim it back.

These days I mostly use my laptop for gaming, but my taste in games hasn’t really changed. I still love The Sims, and I’ve had versions two through four on various computers throughout my life. I’m also still obsessed with the Lego Games, which despite my absolute love for Harry Potter, Lego Star Wars is still my all time favourite. I’m hoping once the new movies come out there’ll be a new one released for this trilogy.

I don’t really have a specific absolute favourite computer game. What I play tends to depend a lot on my mood and what I feel like and can vary wildly in type. But if you told me I could only play one game for the rest of my life? I’d pick Lego Star Wars any day.


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