A Week in Barcelona – Day 1

So I think it’s fair to say that Barcelona has stolen my heart just a little (also they have some pretty cool conventions). Almost two months after my last trip to this incredible city and I’m back again and once again I’m staying for 6 days. This trip I wanted to document my adventures, though two of the days will/mostly be taken up by convention stuff, but that’s okay.

Last time I visited I didn’t really have much of a plan and I just did a lot of wondering about in the main city centre. I got to see a lot off the important landmarks, like Las Ramblas, the Cathedral, and Park Guell, however this time I’m determined to see more of the places slightly off the beaten track plus some laces that I saw last time but didn’t get chance to visit.

I have some help however. Last time I was here I made friends with someone who has offered to show me around a few places and take me on a couple of mini road trips, which I’m very excited about. It means I get to see a lot of places outside the city that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to visit as I’m pretty reliant on public transport.

My first day was mostly spent travelling, and simply getting to my accomodation, there wasn’t really much time to explore. This time the journey was a lot easier, last time I didn’t plan too great and then there were train issues so I ended up arriving at the airport as my flight was boarding (oops). I decided to leave myself some extra wiggle room in getting to the airport this time around, and factored in a little bit of extra time for train issues, given that I knew their were strikes.

What a difference arriving at the airport with some extra time makes. It was such a chilled out flight, I’d even had time to but some lunch at the airport beforehand. I spent the time on my flight working on a little cross stitch project I have going on, it’s something that I can easily fit in a lunchbox in my carry on, and it doesn’t rely on batteries or run out of charge.

I was once again staying with AirBnB, however this time I was staying in a slightly different part of the city, as it’s much closer to the convention I am attending at the weekend. I had some time to kill before I could go there, so I decided to buy myself some extra toiletries and some groceries. I ended up in Placa d’Espanya, and it was beautiful. Like there’s a full on castle thing going on up there (I should really ask my friend, she’ll know what it is), and some beautiful fountains. It was somewhere I hadn’t even heard of, but it was well worth my brief visit.

If I get chance during the rest of my stay I will definitely go back again.


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