A Week In Barcelona – Days 4, 5, & 6

I’ve clumped days 4, 5, & 6 into one place as those were the days I was at a convention, so I didn’t actually see much of Barcelona those days. I will write about the convention, however I’ll put that in a separate blog post.

On day 4 I had some errands to run before the convention got into full swing, so I travelled into Barcelona itself to try and find what I needed. I love the city, it’s beautiful and busy. Once you move away from Las Ramblas it’s also a bit of a maze. There’s so many little winding side streets and where you’re as directionally challenged as I am it can be incredibly confusing.

There are little shops everywhere in Barcelona, most selling souvenirs, clothing, and food. However, in my (eventually futile) hunt for sequins I stumbled across a street full of shops selling stuff to make your own jewellery with. I’m not sure if I could find it again, but it was a pretty cool place to visit. It made me wish I could actually make my own jewellery.

Day 5 of my trip to Barcelona coincided with the festival of Sant Joan. Even after asking several local people what it was all about, I’m still not sure. However, I do know that it’s an excuse for a party and an opportunity to set off as many fireworks as possible.

That day was my longest day of convention, so I didn’t get to head down to the beach to join in the celebrations, but I’ve heard from other people that it’s well worth going to if you get the chance. Despite the fact that I had no real plans, I did end up getting to watch a lot of the fireworks.

The hotel that the convention was being hosted at had a circular bar on the very top floor that had glass all the way around, offering some truly incredible views of the city. Someone I was with affectionately called it ‘The Spaceship’ as that’s what it kind of resembled and that name stuck with me for the rest of the trip for some reason.

After dinner at the hotel on the Saturday night, which involved a few glasses of free wine, a few of us headed up to The Spaceship to continue drinking. There’s a moment from that night that will possibly stick with me forever. I was sat on the floor of the spaceship, watching the fireworks in possibly the best kind of way (i.e. where you can see them and not hear them), and exchanging life stories with a virtual stranger. For some reason that moment felt so special and magical to me.

Day 6 I really didn’t do much. I went to convention and then once it was finished I went home to pack as I had to check out at 9am the next day. I did however discover that the McDonald’s in Spain sell beer as a standard thing.


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