#38. A Moment For A Mouse

Prompt: “Thoughts on your favourite pet’s personality.”

My favourite pet is a black and white British Shorthair cat. She’s called Mouse. Her personality, like her name, is pretty unique, in fact I’d definitely say she’s one of a kind. Sometimes I think she’s more like a dog than a cat.

She doesn’t have the typical aloofness of a cat, instead she’s actually rather needy. She likes to be with people and quite often she’ll follow you around the house. She likes being stroked, and if she’s feeling very happy she’ll want a belly rub as well. She’s alsoa  bit of a wimp. She’ll go into the garden, but only if you’re there with her, and as soon as you go to shut the door she comes running back in.


She’s very set in her routines, she knows when she gets fed, she knows when people get in from work, and she knows when everyone gets up in the morning. Her clockwork routines can be both a blessing and a curse, if you’re not awake when you’re supposed to be she will wake you up. Whilst this is amazing on those days when you’ve accidentally set your alarm wrong, its slightly annoying when you’re trying to have a lie in.

She’s a very soft cat. Kind, gentle, and a little bit dopey. Everybody seems to love her, just because she has such a great personality. She loves people and she loves attention. She’s possibly the best cat I have ever had the pleasure of owning, and I hope she’s in my life for a long time to come.


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